INVISTA Nylon 6,6 Polymer

Offering Superior Solutions

The INVISTA Advantage

INVISTA offers a wide range of nylon 6,6 polymers including bright, semi-dull, dull and co-polymer types. These polymers are valuable for use in industrial, textile, and furnishing applications.

Superior Polymer Quality and Consistency

  • Proven quality with more than 70 years of polymer production experience
  • All polymer production sites are ISO-9001:2008 certified

Research and Development

  • Three research and development centers with worldclass scientists and research facilities to develop new innovative products based on customer demand and collaboration
  • Flexible polymer assets allow us to make and market polymers with tailored properties in small lots
  • Incorporates proprietary technologies such as noncaprolactam copolymers and other additives
  • Clear understanding of end-use requirements
INVISTA Offered Products: Property Ranges
RV 20-80+ N/A
NH2 15-100+ eq/106gr
TiO2 0-1.8+ %
Copolymer 0-30+ %
  • Several heat, UV stabilizers and antioxidant packages to meet critical end-uses needs
  • Technical support for optimized use of INVISTA polymer–drying, solid phase polymerization, remelt, end-use, etc.
  • Innovation of new products through “Voice of the Customer” and industry needs by dedicated R&D effort

For fiber applications, INVISTA offers polymers

  • For direct use and post-polymerization
  • For light and heavy denier applications
  • For apparel, industrial, carpet, automotive and variety of other end-uses
  • With tailored additive packages to enhance fiber and fabric performances
    • Luster modifiers
    • Non-caprolactam copolymers
    • Heat stabilizers
    • Dye modifiers

For engineering polymer use

Please refer to the INVISTA EP website for more details.

Comparison of N6,6 vs N6 in Apparel Applications

Key Areas N6,6 N6 Implications
Dye Process Leveling Leveling with long cycle Productivity and cost
Single Fix Double Fix Productivity and cost
Wash fastness (Unacceptable < 4.0) 4.5 - 5.0 3.5 - 4.0 Low life cycle
Printing Better Best
Shrinkage (%) - Dry Heat 7 10
Shrinkage (%) - Boil-off 8 13
Fabric yield (%) 100 95 Cost
Edge curl with spandex None Some Cost
Tear Strength, Kg - Warp 1.0 0.8 Strength
Tear Strength, Kg - Weft 0.8 0.7 Strength
Whiteness Poor Good New development
Abrasion Resistance, REVS > 60,000 > 40,000 Life cycle
Stretch Recovery High Low Performance

Comparison of N6,6 vs N6 in Industrial End-use

Property N6,6 N6 N6,6 Property Position
Tenacity at room temperature GPD 9.8 8.75 Better
Tenacity at 177°C 5.1 4.55 Better
Elongation at Break % 18.2 19.2 Similar
Initial Modulus GPD 51 36.5 Better
Dry Heat Shrinkage % - 160°C 6.2 10.5 Better
Dry Heat Shrinkage % - 195°C 9.6 16.4 Better
Heat Age Strength Retention % - 24hrs, 180°C, Hot air 84 79.5 Better
Heat Age Strength Retention % - 72hrs, 180°C, Hot air 74 46 Better
Fatigue Resistance % 80 61 Better